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We cultivate a world of high quality microgreens for Wellington’s top chefs, right here in the heart of the city.

Our hydroponic growing system ensures each plant is sown and nurtured for consistency in flavour and size all year round. Then delivered fresh to your kitchen daily – still growing in their grow trays. 

We’re passionate about sustainable farming, minimising waste and producing locally. We’re one of New Zealand’s first urban farms, which puts us at the cutting edge of where global food production is shifting. When you choose our microgreens you’re becoming part of finding smarter ways to protect our environment. Your diners can feel good about what they’re eating and where it’s coming from. 

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Our microgreens are high quality, pesticide-free and grown right here in Wellington. They have intense flavours, vivid colours and an array of textures that can bring your dishes (and your vision) to life. 

We have a wide range of varieties available all year round,. There’s always something new to discover. We even grow to order so you can achieve all the complex flavours and textures your menu demands.

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Our Team

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Matt Keltie


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Remie Morriss


"We've been using Shoots microgreens since their inception. They have an exciting range full of intense flavor and vibrant colors. Our chefs look for any excuse to add them to just about all of our dishes."

Mike Egan, Monsoon Poon


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